Albany High School

Albany High School is the only comprehensive high school in the Albany Unified School District. It has 1198 students in grades 9 through 12. The school offers seven periods per day, two semesters per academic year. Each semester is a minimum of 18 weeks. We use a modified block schedule with all classes meeting on Monday for 52 minutes, odd periods meeting Tues/Thurs and even periods meeting on Wed/Fri. Block schedule periods are 95 minutes long.

The school has a diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural population, composed of 32.6% Asian/Pacific Islander, 1.2% Filipino, 32.7% White, 17.8% Hispanic/Latino, 6.3% African-American, 0.2% Native American, and 9.3% students of two or more races. English Language Learners comprise 11% of the student population. 17% of the students are admitted by permit from other school districts, primarily from the cities of Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Richmond. The graduation rate is 92%.

The teaching faculty includes 68 classroom teachers (52 full-time and 16 part-time), 33 of whom hold graduate degrees. The pupil-teacher ratio is 20 to 1. There are 3 administrators and 3.6 guidance counselors.

(14) Advanced Placement courses are offered in English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, Calculus AB & BC, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics, Art History, Computer Science, and Comparative Gov’t. Honors courses are offered in English 3 and Pre-Calculus. Advanced courses are offered in Art, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music, Photography, and Journalism.